Current projects

Akeleie is a duo consisting of Hilde Marie Holsen (trumpet and live electronics) and Gro Marie Svidal (Hardanger fiddle and live electronics). Inspired by the rich Norwegian folk music tradition and the musically landscape of today, the duo exists within the borderland between traditional-, improvised- and contemporary music. 


Sunniva now is an interactive dance performance about faith and doubt, use of force and cult of saints based on the story og Norways first and only female saint and boat refugee. The performance was produced in collaboration with musician and composer Gro Marie Svidal, stage director Mette Brantzeg, Førde Folk Music Festival and Sogn and Fjordane Theatre and had its opening night at the festival in July 2017.  All music composed by Gro Marie Svidal.

Performers: Martin Myhr (dance), Vetle Springgard (dance), Torill Steinjord (dance)/Silje Risdal Liahagen (dance), Gro Marie Svidal (music)